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Crypto Tax

With expertise in Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Staking, we are well-equipped to manage your accounting and financial requirements, help you understand your crypto tax obligations and advise on cryptocurrency accounting guidelines, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.

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Ltd Company

If you choose to invest company funds in a CryptoCurrency or NFTs then these would be classified as an investment and your company will pay corporation tax on any gains made just like with any other business profits you make. The invested funds can be staked and income can be earnt. At the end of the Ltd companies financial year your holdings will revalued and any disposal profit/losses will be accounted for.


With the increasing prevalence of transactions and custody of digital assets within the UK economy, there is a heightened likelihood of encountering various challenges. These challenges go beyond issues related to criminal activities and concealed assets, also encompassing civil matters like business disputes and divorce proceedings within the framework of UK legislation

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R&D Tax Relief

Have you built or are you currently building your own blockchain or crypto software then its possible you can make a claim. Our R&D specialists work with you and HMRC to claim back up to 33p for every pound spent on R&D.

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