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Supporting companies that work on innovative projects

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Help for crypto businesses & blockchain technology businesses

As a business you need to have confidence that your accountant understands the sector in which you operate and fully understands your needs and can help spot opportunities.


We can help with issues around remuneration in crypto, accessing Enterprise Investment Scheme and identifying and assistance with R&D tax credit opportunities alongside the usual accounts and tax compliance services you would expect.

It can be complicated to submit an R&D tax credit claim to HMRC’s exacting standards.

Get in touch with our team of tax advisers, accountants, lawyers, sector specialists and quality assurance experts to access expert guidance for your claims.

What Is R&D?

Research and Development (R&D) tax relief is a government tax incentive set up to compensate innovative companies up to 33% for costs they have incurred from making an appreciable improvement to their industries. Essentially, it’s the government’s way of rewarding businesses that are developing new or improving existing, products, processes, systems and materials.

What can I claim for?

Staff Costs

For SME's and large enterprises staff costs can include the following; Gross salaries (including wages, overtime and bonuses), Employer NI, Employer Pensions and other expenses.

Sub Contracted Costs

Externally provided workers (EPW) along with sub-contractual costs can be included. Up to 65% of these costs in most cases can be contributed to your application.

Consumables & Utilities

A proportion of the consumables and utility costs, directly associated to your R&D projects can be included. 

Travel costs

Some travel costs associate with your research and development may also be eligible to be included in your claim. Speak to one our education team to find out more information on travel costs.

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