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Analyzing Graphs


With the increasing prevalence of transactions and custody of digital assets within the UK economy, there is a heightened likelihood of encountering various challenges. These challenges go beyond issues related to criminal activities and concealed assets, also encompassing civil matters like business disputes and divorce proceedings within the framework of UK legislation.

Understand what we can do.

  1. Investigating Loss of Cryptocurrency:

    • Conduct a thorough analysis of the transaction history and blockchain data to trace the path of the lost cryptocurrency.

    • Utilise forensic techniques to examine digital wallets, transaction records, and other relevant data sources to identify any potential vulnerabilities or security breaches.

    • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies, cybersecurity experts, and relevant authorities to gather information and build a comprehensive understanding of the circumstances surrounding the cryptocurrency loss.

  2. Scammed Cryptocurrency Investigations:

    • Employ advanced tracking tools and blockchain analysis to trace the movement of scammed cryptocurrency funds across various wallets and exchanges.

    • Work closely with cybersecurity experts to identify the methods used in the scam and assess potential points of entry for fraudulent activities.

    • Engage in collaboration with legal authorities to initiate legal proceedings against perpetrators, gather evidence for legal actions, and aid in the recovery of scammed cryptocurrency funds.

  3. Tracing Cryptocurrency:

    • Utilize blockchain analytics and specialized software to trace the flow of cryptocurrency funds, providing insights into transactions and identifying involved parties.

    • Employ forensic techniques to uncover hidden or anonymized transactions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the cryptocurrency's movement.

    • Collaborate with regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies, and international partners to track and trace cryptocurrency across borders, enhancing the chances of recovering lost or stolen funds.


Our services can be of assistance in various ways:

  1. Substantiating transactions, including the retrieval of data from computers and mobile phones, adhering to UK legal standards.

  2. Valuing digital assets in compliance with relevant UK regulations.

  3. Tracing digital assets, commonly known as locating hidden assets, within the framework of UK law.

  4. Investigating money laundering facilitated by digital assets, ensuring adherence to UK anti-money laundering laws.

  5. Aiding in claims for the recovery of lost or stolen digital assets, following the legal procedures established in the UK.

  6. Assisting with tax investigations, calculating tax liabilities, and quantifying tax arrears arising from cryptocurrency transactions in accordance with UK tax regulations.

  7. Offering a clear analysis of the nature and extent of dealing with digital assets, aligning with UK legal perspectives.

  8. Providing expert evidence in UK courts, presenting comprehensive insights in line with the legal requirements of the jurisdiction.

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